Paris, France

Energy in her DNA

Trained at the (very) good school by the kids of London and acclaimed by queen Honey Dijon, Vanille is imposing her style and rhythms on the European scene and has no intention of stopping there. Last December, she gave the demanding audience at the Trans Musicales festival in Rennes (Bretagne), where Daft Punk, Björk and LCD Soundsystem had all been revealed before her, the kind of fiery closing she knows how to give.

Since then, she’s made her Parisian Boiler Room debut, made a bombshell return to her home base at Le Bon Air in Marseille, and played a
second gig in HÖR’s fancy bathroom, to name but a few. Her recipe: straightforward, acerbic techno that never fails to surprise, with influences from acid house (which she inherited from her father), trance and psy-trance.

An almost infinite musical spectrum that even extends to the hard-tek sounds she heard at her first raves, where it all began; and pop remixes that are always spot on. In short, resident Rinse sets herself no limits behind the decks: there’s something for every taste, of every colour. You can go from dark to happy, from calm to thunder, from befores to afters. She says it herself: “My sets are all about beating, caressing, beating, caressing”.

Fuelled by a desire to bring her own unique vision to the electronic music world, a few weeks ago she launched Headbutt, a project at the crossroads of performance, dance and hard-hitting techno. In it, she finally gives the black and queer community back the place it deserves on the electronic scene. The result? An overexcited and rebellious first edition, which the sweaty floor of the Station – Gare des Mines still remembers.After several years of behind-the-scenes DJing and production, Vanille will soon be releasing her first track, a sweet and sour mix of all her influences. And we’re already tapping our toes.